Building our Nation through Wildlife Conservation

The Spirit Wildlife Foundation (SWF) was established to assist with the conservation and survival of endangered wildlife, such as rhino, elephant and gorillas, as well as smaller species that face extinction through their exploitation, primarily via markets in the East. The Spirit Foundation founders have been actively involved in animal welfare and conservation for many years, so the creation of SWF ensures better co-ordination and maximum impact of these initiatives. Currently, ameliorating the plight of rhino orphans, as the victims of ruthless poachers, forms a large part of SWF’s work, along with elephant and wild dog preservation programmes.

SWF transfers 100% of all donations received to the underlying causes, as the Spirit Foundation funds all costs within SWF, thereby allowing it to pass on donations without any deduction.

Please take the opportunity to click on the link below, to take you directly to the Spirit Wildlife Foundation for further information. .