Building Our Nation Through Education

The Spirit Education Foundation (SEF) was established in 1994 by Ian Kilbride and ex-school principal Tessa Smit. With the rapid and exciting political changes that were unfolding in South Africa in the early 1990’s, Kilbride had a desire to start an educational foundation that would provide young South Africans, from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, with the opportunity to receive and benefit from a quality education. This desire resulted in the birth of the Spirit Education Foundation in April 1994, the same month in which South Africa enjoyed its first-ever democratic election.

The Spirit Education Foundation was originally founded as the Kilbride Foundation, later becoming the Appleton Foundation and changing its name in 2000 to become the KiDS Foundation (KIlbride, De Beer Smit Foundation). In 2014, in celebration of 20 years of existence and in honour of our renewed vision and mission to set young people free with good quality high school education, the foundation became the Spirit Education Foundation (SEF).

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SEF transfers directly to the underlying causes 100% of all donations it receives, as the Spirit Foundation funds all costs within SEF thereby allowing it to pass on donations without any deduction.

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